Dear Mr. Policeman…

Cole had previously dropped this song as ‘Problems’ a few months ago but here is the official version with a chorus added by Bobby Ray. The original was fire as Cole goes in 3 times, and seems to out do himself each verse. B.o.B’s melodic voice makes it even hotter as Cole as usual speaks the truth.

“Dear, Mr. Policeman, am I wrong or ain’t you supposed to keep the peace man? I coulda sworn I was driving pretty peaceful. So what in the hell is you pulling of me fo?”

J. Cole feat. B.o.B: Pass Me By

-Z. Alps



So we all knew Gucci Mane was already crazy but this latest tattoo I’ve seen on him makes him even crazier. We’ve seen Mike Tyson do it among others, but this one is wild. I love Gucci but seriously, what was he thinking?









-Z. Alps








Conference Championship Predictions

I missed predictions last week, sorry for that. If I had posted predictions, I would have had the Pats beating the Jets, the Steelers beating the Ravens, the Bears beating the Seahawks, and the Falcons beating the Packers, so I would have went 2-2. But it’s a new week, and there are two big games to look forward to. So here we go with whitew00d’s NFL Conference Championship game predictions.



New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Sunday, January 23rd, 2011: 6:30 PM




The Jets shocked the world by defeating the Patriots of New England last week, making New Yorkers walking on the clouds and the New Englanders digging themselves holes in the ground. Well The Jets outplayed New England. Tom Brady made mistakes, and the Jets were the one that forced those mistakes. They picked Brady for the first time in over 300 pass attempts, and they shut down an offense that was consistently putting up 35 points a game. So its hard to believe that anyone can beat the Jets. Rex Ryan is the hottest coach in the league right now, Sanchez is doing enough to not blow the games for the Jets, and Gang Green’s defense is playing better than any defensive core in the league right now. Even Shonn Greene is starting to come alive. The Steelers are the Steelers though. They have Big Ben, and if anyone in the league is more intimidating defensively than the man that runs Revis Island, it’s Troy Polamalu. I really believe that the two teams are equal, and that both D’s are going to show up big time. In normal times, I would give the Steelers the nod because they have more experience, but that doesn’t seem to matter for the Jets this year. It seems to be their destiny at this point, and they learned a lot from last year’s Conference Championship loss to the Colts. I like the Jets to ‘steel’ this one.

Final Score: NY Jets 16 Steelers 10


Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears: Sunday, January 23rd, 2011: 3:00 PM




The NFC matchup pits two division rivals against each other in a rematch of Week’s 3 and 17 in which the two teams split. The most recent one went to the Packers who defeated Chicago 10-3 in Week 17 to clinch a playoff spot. The Bears didn’t sit any starters in that one either. The Packers just shut them down. And the Packers have been shutting everybody down. Green Bay, a team usually known for their high octane offense led by Aaron Rodgers, who has thrown more TD passes in a 3 game playoff span than anybody to date, and big time WR Greg Jennings, are now starting to be recognized for their D. Clay Matthews is the man to thank. Along with Hawk, Raji, and last year’s Defensive Player of the Year, cornerback, Charles Woodson who would be the leagues best corner if it wasn’t for Darrelle, are playing lights out, and taking out QB’s left and right. And lefties and righties. Chicago on the other hand has been quietly flying under the radar as one of the best teams in the league. Cutler is making less and less mistakes, and the addition of Julius Peppers has made their defense stellar once again. And Brian Urlacher is back. It’s going to be a battle in the cold Windy City, but with the Packers putting up 48 on a 14 win team, taking out Mike Vick, and having just beat a healthy Chicago team, I like the Cheeseheads to walk away with the big cheese.

Final Score: Packers 31 Bears 21

So will I be right? Will both road teams pull out the win? We shall see. But right now, I’m thinking a Jets Packers Super Bowl, and that would be a good one.

-Z. Alps

Scott Pilgrim really takes over the world

When the preview came out, I honestly thought this movie was a joke. I never really liked Michael Cera except for Superbad and some Jersey Shore commercials, but whether I liked him or not, I still didn’t think this movie had a chance. Trailer: SPVTW

I mean, can you blame me? But they always say not to judge a book by its’ cover, and that rings true with this one. I watched it the other night after having heard good things from people, so I had decided to give it a chance. Well, it was fantastic. It was basically like watching a video game come to life for a movie. And not Mortal Kombat, or anything like that. The imagery, dialogue, and entire plot was that of a video game, and a really good video game at that. Not only was this exciting and thrilling to watch, but it was like nothing I had ever seen. Michael Cera was also hilarious, as was Rory Culkin, yes Macaulay Culkin’s brother, and the whole cast worked great together. It was funny, entertaining, and had a good point. A huge surprise and a must see.


-Z. Alps

Her Boobs do look bigger…

So can we start the most awkward moments of the year awards today? Because I think 2011 is off to a good start. Kim Clijsters defeated Carla Suarez Navarro in the second round of the Australian Open 6-1, 6-3. That’s all well and dandy but this post doesn’t have to do with that. It was the post game interview that caught everyone’s attention. It was when Clijsters brought up a text message that the former player and interviewer Todd Woodbridge had sent to her friend previously to the match during the interview. She brought it up rather straight forwardly, and rather hilariously. She mentioned how Woodbridge had asked if ‘she was pregnant, because she seemed grumpy, and her boobs were bigger.’ Nice one. Both parties laughed it off, and it was a nice moment, but after the cameras were off, they definitely both breathed a sigh of relief because that could have gone from plain old awkward to plain old bad. Take a look.

Kim Clijsters Post Match Interview with Todd Woodbridge

Uh oh. Next time Woodbridge will call instead of text.

-Z. Alps

Rihanna & J. Cole get dirty

The only thing better than a Rihanna song featuring Drake, is a Rihanna song featuring J. Cole. This is the first one that we’ve seen, and it does not disappoint. Rihanna does her usual thing belting out great vocals to a great beat. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.” Sexy. Meanwhile, Cole does his thing in a quick verse that fits in perfectly with the song. Here it is.






Rihanna feat. J. Cole: S & M (remix)

-Z. Alps

Roman’s Revenge 2.0

This beat was crazy when it first dropped awhile ago featuring Nicki Minaj and Eminem. But something was always missing. That something was Weezy F. Baby. Well Roman’s Revenge 2.0 gave Wayne the opportunity¬† to go in on this ‘broadway show’ like beat, and Lil Tunechi steps up to the curtain and takes a big bow. Take a listen.






Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne: Roman\’s Revenge 2.0

-Z. Alps