There’s no comin’ back, well maybe there is

So I made this blog about a year ago, and it was going well, and then I stopped. Much like many things in my life, I got bored with it and moved onto something else. I’m fickle. As Peter Griffin would say after losing his parrot, “Is this the deed to a cattle ranch?” Only true Family Guy fanatics even know what I’m talking about but the point is, I usually put my mind on one thing, get really excited, and then get sick of it. So why come back to this? Not to sound egotistic but I’m actually a good writer. And maybe that’s my thing. I’m too short to play basketball, I’m too white to rap, and I can’t cook. I’m trying to learn how to skateboard but remember, I’m fickle. Well anyway, I’m trying to find my passion so forgive me if I bring you readers along with me. Hell, I don’t even know if anybody’s reading this. But I’m gonna go on anyway.

So the past year a lot of crazy things have happened in the world. Luckily, this isn’t Facebook, and this site shutting down doesn’t put the world in a uproar, but I’m back so welcome back or welcome for the first time. Here is my 2011 Year in Review.


I was wrong on my Super Bowl prediction, and Aaron Rodgers took over the NFL (until the Giants showed up), Ryan Braun let down the Jews, the Braves collapsed, the Red Sox got drunk, the Cardinals won the World Series. Wait, what? Albert Pujols went to Hollywood, the Mets were bad, the Yankees were good, not good enough, Derek Jeter sent his women home with a souvenir,  the lockout ended in the NFL, the lockout went on in the NBA, then the lockout ended in the NBA. David Stern vetoed the CP3 trade making him the most hated man on the planet, CP3 went to ‘lob city b*tch.’ The Heat came up short and Lebron disappeared in the 4th, and The Penn State scandal shocked the world.

This man got some exposure as well.




TV- The Kardashians took over the world, Gus’ face came off in Breaking Bad, zombies walked the earth in creative fashion, 2 good shows were cancelled on HBO, and one god-awful one in my opinion. I’ll make it in America on my own thank you very much. Dexter got into the whole incest thing, Family Guy’s still funny, and really really high defined. And Simon Cowell proved he can make an even better show than American Idol.


The Harry Potter era came to an end. Brad Pitt and Sean Penn took us back in time in what seemed like a movie that lasted an entire life span. Owen Wilson earned his right as a top actor with ‘Midnight in Paris,’ one of my favorite movies of 2011. Jonah Hill’s skinny, George Clooney’s back, and oh yeah Ryan Gosling is the man.





Music- Drake was somber and faded. Chris Brown and Justin Bieber decided they could rap. The Carter IV was bad. ‘Swag’ ‘Racks’ and ‘Kray’ became every day words. Adele was depressed. Astro shouted out his Astronauts, Josh can sing, Beyonce got preggos, and the days of good music are slowly dying.





Everything else- 2011 proved to me that the world can be a very F’d up place but there’s always hope and there’s always something to find. Just gotta keep looking. I got cliches on cliches on cliches. Hello 2012. Hopefully the world doesn’t end.

Z. Alps