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Sir, We’re Going To Need You To Take Your Tie Off…

In a semi-related story, this ones’ just ridiculous. A man showed up to his job at a car dealership on Monday in Chicago to, well, do his job, sell cars. The only problem was, he was a Packers fan, in Chicago, and he was wearing the tie you see to the right. Well, guess what happened next? He was fired. Yes. He was fired.

I find this to be absurd. I am from New York, and have never been a huge fan of New York teams but I’m pretty sure when I get asked in an interview if I’m a Yankee fan and I say ‘no’, and the interviewer says, ‘Oh I can’t hire you then,’ that he’s joking. Right? Maybe not. John Stone was on Sports Center today being interviewed, and he seemed optimistic. He even had another job interview lined up for today. However, there have been talks of a wrongful termination suit being filed, and I think he should. I think the Bears fans are just bitter that they lost, and the man I just posted about (Cutler) is their quarterback. Better luck next year. Just be careful Bears fans. If you win next year, don’t wear your Bears bow ties to Green Bay.

-Z. Alps


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