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Rihanna & J. Cole get dirty

The only thing better than a Rihanna song featuring Drake, is a Rihanna song featuring J. Cole. This is the first one that we’ve seen, and it does not disappoint. Rihanna does her usual thing belting out great vocals to a great beat. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.” Sexy. Meanwhile, Cole does his thing in a quick verse that fits in perfectly with the song. Here it is.






Rihanna feat. J. Cole: S & M (remix)

-Z. Alps


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One response to “Rihanna & J. Cole get dirty

  1. I think I like the Rihanna and Drake song better. This one sounds like a few other songs of hers we have already heard. It’s not that good. I like J. Cole, Drake and her, but this song . . . . Eh.

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