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Her Boobs do look bigger…

So can we start the most awkward moments of the year awards today? Because I think 2011 is off to a good start. Kim Clijsters defeated Carla Suarez Navarro in the second round of the Australian Open 6-1, 6-3. That’s all well and dandy but this post doesn’t have to do with that. It was the post game interview that caught everyone’s attention. It was when Clijsters brought up a text message that the former player and interviewer Todd Woodbridge had sent to her friend previously to the match during the interview. She brought it up rather straight forwardly, and rather hilariously. She mentioned how Woodbridge had asked if ‘she was pregnant, because she seemed grumpy, and her boobs were bigger.’ Nice one. Both parties laughed it off, and it was a nice moment, but after the cameras were off, they definitely both breathed a sigh of relief because that could have gone from plain old awkward to plain old bad. Take a look.

Kim Clijsters Post Match Interview with Todd Woodbridge

Uh oh. Next time Woodbridge will call instead of text.

-Z. Alps


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