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Run of the Year

They’re calling it the ‘Run of the Year,’ and even though I am against sports writers blowing recent events out of proportion, I may have to agree with them on this one. I am of course referring to the man in the picture above. Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks made the playoffs with the worst record ever for a division winner. They were 7-9. And the Saints were the defending Super Bowl champs. Well all of that information was thrown out the window yesterday, when the Seahawks defeated Nawlins, 41-38. But that win was sparked by Lynch who had a 67 yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter to solidify the Hawks win in the wildcard round. It was an unbelievable run for the running back who has had a Topsy Turvy career. Lynch was once a highly sought after prospect coming out of California University, but things never really panned out in Buffalo where Lynch struggled running the ball, and dealt with some legal troubles. He\’s a character to say the least. So he was traded to Seattle. And even then, Lynch was sub-par. Not last night. Lynch became the first 100 yard rusher of the season for Seattle, and the 67 yard dash was the longest run of his career. Seattle will move onto the next round, and Lynch certainly should have a lot of confidence heading into this one as Seattle looks for another upset.

Marshawn Lynch busts 67 yard TD run

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