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The Man with the Golden Voice

This story is just another example of how the Internet, and youtube, have changed lives ever since they became a sensation years ago. Countless numbers of people have become rich and famous just through 5 minute videos on shitty cameras because one person out there saw something no one else could. (Justin Bieber…ugh) So this is not surprising that this man was discovered. However, his story is quite fascinating compared to everyone elses.

Ted Williams, a 53 year old homeless man, who has fought countless battles with crack cocaine and alcohol addictions has now gotten his chance to make everything right. Williams happens to have the voice of a God, and after being filmed by random people after begging for change on the street, his world has been turned upside down. You have to hear the video to really understand.

Ted Williams: The Man with the Golden Voice

Williams has also been reunited with his mother who is currently 90 years old, and hasn’t seen her son in a long long time. That video can be found online as well. Williams has already gotten deals with Kraft, and the Cleveland Cavaliers as a full time announcer. The Cavs have already offered him a free house. He’s no longer homeless.

The question that is posed has to do with this man’s future lifestyle. He’s being handed money and fame because of his natural God-given voice. Will he use that money to further his former crack addiction? Or has he really learned his lesson, and will he use this opportunity to better his life, and change who he was? Only time will tell.

-Z. Alps


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