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oh yeah jersey shore yeah

America’s favorite guidos head back to Jersey tonight in the debut of season 3 of MTV’s hit series. I’m a huge fan of the show even though I used to hate these type of people. I’m glad to see Angelina go and excited to meet the new cast member, Snooki’s friend. However, the main reason I watch the show is to see the antics of the guys, mainly The Situation and Pauly D, who I don’t care what anyone says, are two of the coolest guys on Earth.

I don’t understand why everyone hates on the show. No one is proclaiming these people as America’s scholars. They are just Italians from New Jersey who happen to be very entertaining. You mean to tell me if you were handed the opportunity to go to a really nice house, drink for free, and get paid to do it, you wouldn’t? Please. It’s good entertainment and there is no reason not to sit back and enjoy it. I can’t wait for tonight. It should be a drama filled season.

-Z. Alps


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