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Weak 17

Is it just me or is Week 17 of the NFL season boring?

The fantasy season is over, and unless a team is fighting for a playoff spot, most of the stars sit on the bench. The only real exciting game that could ever happen is if two teams fighting for one playoff spot happen to be facing one another. And that is not the case this season. The Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Jets, Eagles, Falcons, Saints, Chiefs, among others are all in. So unless your a Giants or Packers fan, there really isn’t much to watch for today. Unless you want to see Mark Brunell hand it off to Joe McKnight and get tackled by the Bills backup defensive tackle. Even the Minnesota Vikings can’t provide us with any drama considering Brett Favre’s last career game is going to be him watching Joe Webb from the sideline. Favre is listed as inactive after unsuccessfully passing his concussion test. So long Brett.

The Rams are still trying to wrap up their division and look to go a whopping 8-8! Good for St. Louis considering they were the worst team in the NFL last year but I think we all know their one and done come playoff time. I love the NFL, I love the playoffs, but Week 17 is usually the time I change the channel and try to find a movie that I’ve never seen before. This year’s pick: Sorority Row…

Maybe I should go back to football.

-Z. Alps


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