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Sorry For The Delay…

I apologize for my absence but it’s been a crazy holiday week. I went upstate to Rome, NY to spend Christmas with my girlfriend’s family. As a Jew, it was quite the experience. But I’m back and ready to blogify. Here are some of the notable things that went on while I was gone…

1) The Heat beat the Lakers… and I cried

2) I lost in my fantasy football championship… and I cried again

3) Brett Favre missed a start for the first time… ever

4) Brett Favre came back… and suffered a concussion and missed a start…. again

5) The UCONN women’s amazing, record breaking streak of 90 straight wins … came to an end

6) Kanye West celebrated Christmas In Harlem

7) And Tyreke Evans did this…Buzzer Beater

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

-Z. Alps


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20 something year old trying to find his niche

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