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Lyrical Crime Scene

Victim: J. Cole’s In the Morning

Suspect: Fabolous

It’s very rare I give someone respect over J. Cole but Fabolous goes in on J. Cole’s In The Morning beat and more than holds his own. One of the greatest songs I’ve heard in a while featuring Drizzy, Loso goes loco.

Fabolous: In The Morning (remix)

“now you rushin’ to work, iPod touchin’ yo purse
Ima let you go but not without touchin’ it first
when you think ’bout it later you blush and you smirk
your co-workers thinkin’ you got a crush on the clerk
you always talk about yo boss, about how much of a jerk he is
but tell me baby does he touch you and flirt?
’cause thats how such and such get hurt
and lame ass n-ggas start bringin’ crutches to work
I know you got it girl, I trust in your work
ladies is pimps too, go ‘head brush off the dirt
I be here when you get off with dutches and purp
I want you after dinner, your such a dessert”

… time of death

-Z. Alps


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20 something year old trying to find his niche

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