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Rumble, big man, Rumble

Did a 6’4″ 315 lb lineman just return a kick 71 yards? Yes. And was it not even the best return of the day? Yes. But it was still quite impressive. Dan Connolly saw the football fall into his lap, he picked it up, placed it at his side like a 7-year old boy would, and ran til he couldn’t anymore coming up a little shy of the end zone in the Patriots 31-27 win over the Green Bay Packers last night. It was quite the scene as the faster players on the Packers were baffled as they just missed the big lineman. Definitely the moment of this man’s career, and might teach the Packers that squibbing it isn’t always the safest option. It was the longest return by a lineman in the history of the NFL. Take a look.

Dan Connolly returns kick 71 yards

-Z. Alps


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