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Giant Collapse

I actually turned this game off in the 3rd because I thought it was over. My mistake. Michael Vick proved why he should be the MVP this season by leading the Eagles to one of the greatest comebacks in recent memory. Vick threw for 242 and ran for 130. Yes he ran for 130. But as good as Vick and the Eagles were down the stretch, is as bad as the Giants were. The Giants blew a 31-10 lead in the 4th quarter with under 9 minutes remaining. Okay, so they blew the lead and we’re tied going to overtime, right? No. Because Matt Dodge decides to punt it straight down the middle of the field. To Desean Jackson. And the rest is history in what they are calling “The Miracle at the New Meadowlands.” Desean returned the kick all the way to the endzone (after some goal line antics) and the Eagles won the game, and took the division lead. A devastating loss for the Giants and an amazing win for Philly. Will it shape the rest of these teams seasons? We shall see.

The good news for Matt Dodge is South Philadelphia popular cafe Chickie and Petes is offering him a free meal. I heard that place has good fries.

-Z. Alps


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