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The Knicks are back… sort of

Maybe if the there was an extra half a second left in the game, the sort of wouldn’t be in the title. But there wasn’t as Amare Stoudemire nailed a 26 footer at the buzzer to beat the Celtics… sort of. Unfortunately, time had expired and the shot didn’t count. Paul Pierce had the real game winner as he hit a fade away jumper with 0.4 seconds remaining to give the Boston Celtics their 11th straight win, and ended the Knicks 8 game winning streak. I have always been a Laker fan but I can’t help but root for the Knicks as well being from New York and seeing how much they have struggled over the years. Jalen Rose said Amare would be the MVP if the season ended today, and that’s a hard point to argue. He has now had 9 straight 30+ point games including 39 last night.

Kevin Garnett had something to say after the game in response to whether or not the Knicks Celts rivalry was back. He stated “It’s not a rivalry unless both teams win.” Harsh words but the Knicks certainly made a statement last night.

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