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A ‘Bloody’ Good Show

If you don’t think Dexter is the best show on television, then you don’t know television. Wrapping up its 5th season, and having already signed on for a 6th, Dexter once again kept fans on the edge of their seats. Julia Stiles doesn’t out do John Lithgow in Season 4, but (spoiler alert) her presence will be missed. I, among all of the other followers of the world’s most lovable serial killer are patiently waiting for Season 6.


“Well, season 5 of “Dexter” has come to a close, and it was quite different from last season’s jaw-dropping finale.

There was an instance in the finale, though, that if it had happened, would have been a huge game-changer. Sara Colleton, one of the show’s exec. producers, says it may still be on the way.

When Colleton was asked by E’s Kristin dos Santos if Deb will ever find out about Dexter’s secret, she replied, “At some point that is an inevitable thing, and that will be an important season in Dexter’s history for that to happen.” I know that when Deb almost caught Dexter in the act during the finale, I almost had a heart attack. But the groundwork for Deb finding out Dexter’s secret has definitely been laid and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to happen in season 6.

Speaking of season 6, Sara Colleton had this to share, “We will pick up exactly where we left off and we will stay true to Dexter and who he is at his core. It’s going to be a rueful, ironic but healed Dexter and where we go, it’ll be great because it’ll be wide open.”

Now, although Dexter didn’t exactly get his happy ending with Lumen, his character has clearly continued to grow. Dexter is much more like a “normal” human being now then he was when we first met him in season one. He’s started to feel genuine compassion for his son, Harrison, as well as Astor & Cody. Lumen, I believe, helped Dexter just as much as he helped her, because everyone’s favorite serial killer could have taken a much darker path had she not shown up.

As always, I’m looking forward to the next amazing season of this excellently written show and the magnificent performance Michael C. Hall continues to give as Dexter.”

-Z. Alps


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