Lyrical Crime Scene

Victim: J. Cole’s In the Morning

Suspect: Fabolous

It’s very rare I give someone respect over J. Cole but Fabolous goes in on J. Cole’s In The Morning beat and more than holds his own. One of the greatest songs I’ve heard in a while featuring Drizzy, Loso goes loco.

Fabolous: In The Morning (remix)

“now you rushin’ to work, iPod touchin’ yo purse
Ima let you go but not without touchin’ it first
when you think ’bout it later you blush and you smirk
your co-workers thinkin’ you got a crush on the clerk
you always talk about yo boss, about how much of a jerk he is
but tell me baby does he touch you and flirt?
’cause thats how such and such get hurt
and lame ass n-ggas start bringin’ crutches to work
I know you got it girl, I trust in your work
ladies is pimps too, go ‘head brush off the dirt
I be here when you get off with dutches and purp
I want you after dinner, your such a dessert”

… time of death

-Z. Alps


Sorry For The Delay…

I apologize for my absence but it’s been a crazy holiday week. I went upstate to Rome, NY to spend Christmas with my girlfriend’s family. As a Jew, it was quite the experience. But I’m back and ready to blogify. Here are some of the notable things that went on while I was gone…

1) The Heat beat the Lakers… and I cried

2) I lost in my fantasy football championship… and I cried again

3) Brett Favre missed a start for the first time… ever

4) Brett Favre came back… and suffered a concussion and missed a start…. again

5) The UCONN women’s amazing, record breaking streak of 90 straight wins … came to an end

6) Kanye West celebrated Christmas In Harlem

7) And Tyreke Evans did this…Buzzer Beater

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

-Z. Alps

Rumble, big man, Rumble

Did a 6’4″ 315 lb lineman just return a kick 71 yards? Yes. And was it not even the best return of the day? Yes. But it was still quite impressive. Dan Connolly saw the football fall into his lap, he picked it up, placed it at his side like a 7-year old boy would, and ran til he couldn’t anymore coming up a little shy of the end zone in the Patriots 31-27 win over the Green Bay Packers last night. It was quite the scene as the faster players on the Packers were baffled as they just missed the big lineman. Definitely the moment of this man’s career, and might teach the Packers that squibbing it isn’t always the safest option. It was the longest return by a lineman in the history of the NFL. Take a look.

Dan Connolly returns kick 71 yards

-Z. Alps

Giant Collapse

I actually turned this game off in the 3rd because I thought it was over. My mistake. Michael Vick proved why he should be the MVP this season by leading the Eagles to one of the greatest comebacks in recent memory. Vick threw for 242 and ran for 130. Yes he ran for 130. But as good as Vick and the Eagles were down the stretch, is as bad as the Giants were. The Giants blew a 31-10 lead in the 4th quarter with under 9 minutes remaining. Okay, so they blew the lead and we’re tied going to overtime, right? No. Because Matt Dodge decides to punt it straight down the middle of the field. To Desean Jackson. And the rest is history in what they are calling “The Miracle at the New Meadowlands.” Desean returned the kick all the way to the endzone (after some goal line antics) and the Eagles won the game, and took the division lead. A devastating loss for the Giants and an amazing win for Philly. Will it shape the rest of these teams seasons? We shall see.

The good news for Matt Dodge is South Philadelphia popular cafe Chickie and Petes is offering him a free meal. I heard that place has good fries.

-Z. Alps

Tebow Time!

Tim Tebow will finally get his first NFL start this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. I am a huge Tebow guy and I can’t wait to see what he can do. Sources are saying the Broncos are going to be running the ball a lot so expect Knowshon Moreno to have a big game. It seems that the Broncos are going to hold him to short screen passes and short range throws. Even so, I think he is going to surprise many and dare I say, 3 total TD’s? We shall see as the Florida legend takes the field. If he does pan out to be successful, Denver fans should thank the coach who drafted him. Oh wait…

I know there are a lot of Tim Tebow haters out there so just in case you’re still on that side of the line…

That’s his girlfriend.

-Z. Alps

Magical Moves

The Orlando Magic have changed up their roster quite a bit with a couple of big time trades. The Florida squad have acquired PG Gilbert Arenas from the Washington Wizards, along with Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu from the Phoenix Suns. Turkoglu played for the Magic in previous seasons including the year they were Eastern Conference Champions and lost to My Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

In exchange, the Magic send F Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus, and C Marcin Gortat to the Suns, and ship F Rashard Lewis to the Wizards in the Arenas deal. It’s quite the blockbuster trade to say the least. I like the trade for all teams involved. The Wizards got rid of the injury riddled Arenas who has PBS (Plaxico Burress Syndrome) and acquire a nice presence to work with their future, John Wall, in Rashard Lewis. The Suns get Steve Nash some scoring help in the explosive Pietrus, and acquire Carter with the hope he can turn his season around. VC is currently have a very sub par season.

those were the days

Gortat should also get more playing time with Phoenix in need of solid centers. The trade though focuses on the Eastern Conference Championship contenders, the Orlando Magic who have been struggling of late. They have lost 5 of their last 6 games and have been looking for more offense from their perimeter game. J-Rich should be a nice addition for the 3-point threat, and Arenas will certainly take some pressure off of Jameer Nelson who has also been struggling. Dwight Howard now has some help, and if the Magic are going to contend with the Celtics who have won 12 straight, and the Miami Heat who have won 11 in a row, they’re gonna need it. Oh, and the Knicks aren’t too bad either.

-Z. Alps